From Age of Information to Age of Submission

We witnessed the revolution of human communication. We experienced the substantial growth of networking that was unseen in human history. But today… we are more of a crowd of audience rather than the networking creatures we meant to be. Even-though we are living with an ocean of information under our fingertips, we are chained to what we choose to preserve from reality. Our sense of judgment has been shaped within the society that we live in… and, our morals and common sense have been refined by the repeated information that target us intentionally. We are bombarded by information that are perfected to serve a purpose. The waves of data we receive are too rapid and constant that we don’t get the time to analyze and process them. We are only able to react momentarily, and some of us prefer to block all information whether fabricated or real. The instantaneous and overwhelming amount of new data has made us unable to see the depth of our surroundings. the information we are given  is designed to trigger our emotions. And, our emotions sustain a cause that is only designed to engage our mental energy. Our opinion has become the reflection of the data we receive whether our source is social Media, our favorite politicians, or individuals that we trust.

We are raised in communities that have taught us pride and social identity. Our pride withholds a platform that directs our mental and physical resources toward a pre-engineered goal. As we grew, our emotions emerged with the sense of pride we learned to have. And, our pride has become a leash for us to serve our masterminds whether we like or dislike them. But, how can we blame them as their main source of power is our own need to feel different and superior ]just because of our cultures, colors, genders,  beliefs, life styles, or professions… while the true pride that is found in our unity shatters in our ego.

We have the need to be on the right side of every story, so we desperately look for a good story teller that feeds into our pride. We listen to what we believe unconsciously because we live in the world that “we see” rather than the world that “there is”. We are heroes in the world that we want to see. Sometimes, we are victims in the world that we want to see. No matter what…we are the righteous ones in that world… the only way we trust somebody is when he enters the unrealistic world that we have painted by our pride. To have our support, our masterminds need to embrace our ego. Eventually, they add more distinguishing colors to our world, and they start to paint everything and everyone black or white. But, That is what we desire. That makes everything easier for us to digest.

We have invested all our pride and time to create this world that brings us comfort. But, one day… after we heard all the stories that we wanted to hear and we trusted the story tellers…they tell us something rather scary. They start to customize our demons in a way that makes our fear profitable. They start banking as they have mastered the art of creating fear and uncertainty. Suddenly, the world that we have constructed in our minds is not our comfort zone anymore. It becomes a playground for investors, but we don’t know of any other world than what we have painted for ourselves. We start to live in state of fear. We become defensive of what is left for us because our painting of the world has become a part of history…now, it is only ” good old days”.

But, who is there to blame? Politicians are individuals that raised from our very own societies. They would not have our support if they didn’t paint the world as how we want to see it. They would not have our support if they stepped out of our comfort zone. What would we do if we were in their shoes?